...The Story

Linnyanie is based on the MMORPG (...Online video game) Everquest.

The basic plot started with a dream, and I put people I knew into the storyline (Which is why their names are so... random).

--Elf Facts--


Elves are immortal, meaning they cannot die from growing old. They age approximatly 5 Human years for every hundred until they reach a limit of a 20-30 year old human.


In elven society, the leaders are most commonly women. Unlike Humans, Elves pray for a daughter rather than a son as an heir. Men are most often more powerful than a woman, but are considered to be lower in significance.

*The Leader of the Wood Elves was Linnyanie's mother, the High Druidess. She and her husband died protecting their forest from frequent attacks by Dark Elves, Humans, and Orcs. Their death left the town of Tethelin to their children; Sadill and Linnyanie. Even though he is male, Sadill is older than his sister, making him leader of the Wood Elves until she is of age.

*The Dark Elf queen, Kisaki, swore revenge on the Light Elves for what they've done to her people. Outraged that the gods, have cursed her with a son, she attempts to find some way to use him to her advantage. When he was still and child, Kisaki's son, Shaedi was a part of a dark ritual to grant him the 'Power of the Gods'. He was raised away from the rest of the Dark Elf children; used by his mother like a living weapon. Before he was 100 (5 in Human years) he had slayed countless enemies. It wasn't long after that he became the Dark Elves' highest ranking assasin, and recieved his most recent ongoing mission.

Though Shaedi is her only child, Kisaki requests that all Dark Elves refer to her as 'Mother'... someone they would be willing to die for.


In the story there are four kinds of Elves with two factions... Light or Dark

The Light Elves: Wood Elves and High Elves

The Dark Elves: Drow (Which are most commonly just called 'Dark Elves')

The Half Elves: Half Elves are either Light or Dark depending on what they're bred with, and the other race is most commonly Human. Because of the war between the Humans and Elves, they are either 'claimed' to one side and used against the other, or rejected completely.


EQ is a Mass Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game that's for the PC or Ps2. Umm.. That about sums it up.. But here's a map of the world (or the continent I use, at least) of Norrath.


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